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Avatar Yoga School is a yoga training Institute based in the sacred city of Rishikesh, India attracting people from around the world for yoga retreats and meditation training. We specialize in hatha yoga, shivananda yoga, ashatanga yoga, asana, pranayam, kriyas, recitation, meditation techniques, suryanamaskar, kriya yoga, pranayama, mantra Chanting yoga, Tantra Yoga,  kriya yoga. Avatar Yoga School Present Yoga for beginner students and advanced practitioners throughout the world. Avatar Yoga School runs under defined conditions of association for yoga and meditation following the ashram yoga culture of Ancient India: through easy yoga lessons we make easy yoga classes.

The goal of Avatar Yoga School is to uphold the philosophy that yoga can save humankind from fast spreading physical and mental diseases; helping people to live a peaceful life through practice and meditation. We integrate ancient Verdic texts with modern thought helping science and technology grow in a way which is helpful to society and the environment.

With development of the modern world, many preventative health practices have been ignored. Today, there is a renewed acceptance of the yoga culture as humankind faces stress, poor health and disorders which are almost incurable within medical science. Where science and medical research ends, yoga completes the circle. Avatar Yoga School's motto is to combat physical and mental health challenges of the individual with the help of ancient practices of India's great Rishis; yoga is only the way to healthy living. To accomplish this we aspire to teach our knowledge to spread the practice of healthy living throughout the world.

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