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Food in Rishikesh

A vegetarian’s haven, Rishikesh has much to offer in terms of vegetarian delights. Non vegetarian food, however, banned in this city, has not affected the footfalls of the tourists who seem to relish the vegetarian cuisines and street food of Rishikesh with much fervor. With many options for vegetarian food, organic food and healthy yogic food, Rishikesh is a town to enjoy a variety of vegetarian cuisines from exotically prepared scrumptious delights in the various five star hotels and restaurants to the local street foods that will leave you smacking your lips and wanting more.

Popular Eateries in Rishikesh

Some restaurants offer non-vegetarian delights too but since such multi-cuisines restaurants are small in number, tourists don’t have much choice for non-vegetarian food when it comes to dining in this holy pilgrimage city of India. Drinking, however, is strictly banned in this holy town and you won’t find alcoholic beverages anywhere while staying in the town.

Popular Eateries in Rishikesh

To enjoy a holistic dining experience, here is a guide to some of the best local restaurants in Rishikesh for deliciously cooked wholesome food: -
  • Mukti’s Health Food Café: - located near the Ram Jhula, a popular tourist attraction, this eatery does justice to wholesome eating. With steamed veggies, fresh papaya juice and a hearty breakfast menu, this restaurant is a popular place for dining. With an ambience of the natural surroundings to whet your appetite, the aromatic smells wafting from the kitchens of this restaurant are sure to leave you spell bound. Freshly cooked with organic produce and made to order to suit the likings of the tourists, the vegetarian and international delights of the restaurant are not to be missed.
  • Hotel Neelam: - one of the oldest and most visited eating out options in the town of Rishikesh, Hotel Neelam is a fine dining place that offers authentic Italian cuisines and wholesome Indian dishes. With the culture of Rishikesh so apparent in the streets outside this restaurant, having a meal while on a shopping or exploration excursions is the best way to enjoy the scrumptious delights of this quaint little restaurant.
  • Hotel Suresh: - for the more choosy visitors to the town of Rishikesh who wish to sample vegetarian delights in a restaurant where no onions and garlic are used, Hotel Suresh offers a wide expanse of dishes on the menu. Located in the heart of this pilgrimage city, Hotel Suresh is easily accessible by the devotees and tourists.
  • Chotiwala Restaurant: - situated on the left side of the River Ganges, this restaurant is located on the other side of the Ram Jhula, a popular tourist destination. Known for lip-smacking vegetarian delicacies especially the vegetarian thali, the restaurant is the oldest eatery in town. Mostly visited for its great food and serene surroundings, the restaurant is hit amongst not just the tourists but also the locals. Offering not only Indian cuisines but also Chinese and Continental delights, the hotel offers a fine dining experience amidst natural surroundings.
  • German Bakery: - This quaint little sweet shop is a hit amongst foreign tourists and locals alike. With an array of sweet delicacies like cakes, pastries, chocolates, snacks and other bakery items, the bakery offers a lot of options for have-its and take-away. Click Here for Details on Bakeries in Rishikesh
When in Rishikesh, the amazing fooding experience of wholesome vegetarian and ayurvedic food amidst the natural surroundings is sure to uplift your spirits.

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