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Services and Utilities in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a town in the Uttarakhand state of India and is a part of the Dehradun district. The city is famous as a spiritual and religious spot for the Hindu community. The city is also famous for its ashrams and yoga centres and is a big part of the week-long ‘International yoga festival’ which is held in March. The city is the gateway to the Char Dham Yatra and is, thus, always filled with tourists throughout the year. So it is evident that this city needs a good amount of services and utilities dedicated to its people and the tourists, which come from all over the world.

Postal Services in Rishikesh

Post office in Rishikesh

Rishikesh has always been portrayed as city of religious and spiritual significance to the Hindu community of India and the rest of the world. But the place is also a modern city and just like every other city, Rishikesh also needs a good postal service. There are a quite a good number of post offices set up along the various nodes of Rishikesh. They are used for varying services such as couriers, parcels, speed posts, telegrams, etc. Some people of the city also use the post office for other activities such as Postal Life Insurance Service and money orders. There are also some private postal services available in Rishikesh.

Post Office
Near Tempo Stand
Near Punjab Sind Bank
Ghat Road, Rishikesh HO
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: +(91)-135-2430340

Post Office
Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: +(91)-135-2430411

Post Office
Railway Road,
Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: +(91)-135-2438219

Post Office
Rishikesh – 249304
Ph: +(91)-135-2430019

Municipal Corporation of Rishikesh

Rishikesh is run and maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Rishikesh. The city comes under the Nagar Nigam plan of Dehradun. The Corporation takes care of the city’s cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene. They can be contacted for any help regarding the city’s health such as poor road condition or no garbage pick-up. They are always available to hear your thoughts and grievances. The Municipal Corporation of Rishikesh can be reach via the following:

Shri Deep Sharma

Ph: 2431472, 9412050411

Smt. Asha Devi
Ward- 01,
Ph: 9412050953

Shri Vishal Kherwal
Ward- 02
Ph: 9997104694

Packers and Movers in Rishikesh

Rishikesh has developed as a major tourist spot. This is due to its popularity as a spiritual spot and also due to the exciting adventure sports that the city has to offer. But with the development of the city there has also been a rapid increase in the population of the city. Many people form their nearby villages have decided to run small business in the city for their daily bread. Also many large scale industries have come over here and they require a lot of help with shifting of goods and materials. There are also people who live within the limits of Rishikesh and have to move around the city for various reasons such as proximity to work area and school. There is always a need for packers and movers in this city which sees so much of transportation. There are many major Packers & Movers available in Rishikesh. Some of them are mentioned below.

Transtech Packers and Movers
Dehradun Road
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 0981844267

South Exp Packers and Movers

10, Dehradun Road
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 09015142476

Sps Packers and Movers
21, railway Road
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 9311160565

Maha Laxmi Cargo Packers and Movers
Ghat Road, Seema Dental College
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 9717061748

India Packers and Movers
Ghat Road, Main Road
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 9911918545

MS Raghunath Tarnsport
129. Urvashi Complex
Dehradun Road
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 9412054113

Prince Cargo Packers and Movers
Main Dhalwala
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 9756299914

Property Dealers in Rishikesh

List of Property Dealers in Rishikesh

Since the city is still being developed, which is happening at a rapid pace, the city has a lot of barren or abandoned land which can be utilized for some or the other infrastructure activity. The people moving into the city are always looking for land or a house. These dealers can help you buy your dream house or even help you get one on rent. The small-scale businessmen may also take their help for finding shops at their preferred location at a cheap rate. There are many property dealers in Rishikesh who deal with land as well as houses. With the help of these real estate agents you can be sure of getting a good deal on your hard earned money.

Satyam Properties
Office No-42, SBM Shopping Complex
Opposite Bhardwaj Hospital, Haridwar Road
Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: +(91)-9837739933, 9837089206
Ph: +(91)-135-2431801

Pragati Properties

Jain Market, Opposite Chaya Cinema
Railway Road, Rishikesh Ho
Rishikesh – 249201
+(91)-9897427080, 9410383800
Ph: +(91)-135-2430818

Ganges Resorts Pvt Ltd
Neeraj Aggarwal, Sadanand Marg
Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: +(91)-9811121522, 9719002745

Rishikesh Properties & Travels Proprietor
Tilak Road, Rishikesh Ho
Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: +(91)-9760591040, 9719136186, 9411385171

Arihant Estate Agency
23, Jain Market
Rishikesh – 249409
Ph: +(91)-1334-2430796

Himalayan Property Dealers
Opp Agarwal Dharamshala, Railway Road
Rishikesh – 249409
Ph: +(91)-9897296331, +(91)-1334-2433204

Shiva Properties
Akhand Ashram Shopping Complex, Koyal Ghati
Haridwar Road, Rishikesh
Ph: +(91)-9412056938, +(91)-8276-2436110

Internet Service Providers in Rishikesh

In this age of globalization it is necessary for people to know what is happening in what corner of the planet. Internet is now an integral part of our daily life and a lot of our personal and professional life depends on it. It is very beneficial for the young generation as they can always use it to learn about the new developments in their field of interest.

S K Broadband Service
Prabhakar Mkt, Haridwar Rd
Rishikesh – 249409

Reliance Netconnect

Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: +(91)-11-30335555, 180030005555

Bsnl Broadband
Rishikesh Ho, Rishikesh – 249201
Ph: 18003451504

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