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Home city guide tattvaa yoga shala in rishikesh

Tattvaa Yoga Shala in Rishikesh

As yoga becomes increasingly necessary for everyday life it becomes essential to learn the correct, authentic and various forms in a formal learning environment. The Tattvaa Yoga Shala in Rishikesh is one such institution that offers courses in helping people picking up Yoga for their personal use or for obtaining a certificate to teach yoga after 200 hours hands on learning.

Tattva Yog Shala in Rishikesh

Training at Tattvaa Yoga Shala

The Yoga Teachers Training Certificate (YTTC) offered by the Tattvaa Yoga Shala holds the essence of the ancient forms of Yoga which had virtually been seen since centuries on the very banks of the Ganga river. There had been yogis and sadhus on these very banks as they offered fragrant sacrifice into the yagna kund.

The truest form of Yoga is practiced on the banks of the River Ganga in Rishikesh since centuries. The entire aura there is sanctified by the daily chants of several sadhus, rishi and munis living on the river banks. They practise all forms of Yoga from Pranayama, Surya Namaskar, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga to Mantra Yoga where the entire atmosphere reverberates with the ancient sounds of the Ganga arti accompanied by bells and cymbals mingled with the fragrance of hundreds of incense sticks. The aura, the ambience the atmosphere is enough to transport one to embark upon the journey of self exploration.

The Tattvaa Yoga Shala is one of best places to study, practise and literally savor Yoga. Here even the teachers are eternal learners as they keep on learning, upgrading and implementing the various Yoga asanas.

Obtaining a Yoga Teachers Training certificate from the Tattvaa Yoga Shala at Rishikesh is an experience by itself. It recreates the serene yet charged atmosphere of bygone ages when the great thinkers and philosophers of ancient times.

There is the one hundred hours course which is a beginners level course of Yoga. The course is highly recommended for a group that is only just being introduced.

Slightly more sophisticated is the two hundred hours Ashtanga Vinyasa course in Yoga for the Teachers who are training initially. It is a four-week-program. It covers the first series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa level of Yoga. The course is open to all and all levels are welcome.

The three hundred hours Ashtanga Vinyasa course in Teachers Training it is a six weeks program that is the advanced form of the Ashtanga Vinyasa and is called the second series. This program is for those aspirants who already have 200 hours of certification from any other Yoga school and are desirous of joining this program.

Among the five hundred hours most comprehensive is the Advanced Yoga course for Teachers Training. This is a 10 weeks program called the Ashtanga Vinyasa. It is a combination of the first and second series in which all levels of entrants can be accommodated.

The Pranayama course in a comprehensive Teacher’s Training course where training is a 3 weeks program which is exclusively only for the yogis and yoginis who have been practicing Yoga for a long time and are interested in comparing their skills with others in the area.

For the Year 2014 the dates and courses on offer are given in the following Table. It is interesting to note that Tattvaa Yoga Shala graduates interested in a repeat course can do so by paying only 50% of the total fee.

Location of Tattvaa Yoga Shala

The Tattvaa Yog Shala is located most aptly on the very banks of the Ganga near one of the most prominent landmarks called the Chottiwala Restaurant. The larger Yogshala is located a little before the Chotiwala on the left side while the smaller Tattvaa Yoga sShala is located further down the road on the right side proximal to the Parmarth Niketan road. Another prominent landmark is the Ram Jhula bridge of Rishikesh. The larger Tattvaa Yoga Shala lies away from the bus stand side and towards the left just about a hundred meters from the bridge on the right side. It would probably be a fifteen minutes walk from the taxi stand of the Ram Jhula Bridge to the Yoga Shala.


The Tattvaa Yoga Shala has limited rooms available while other options may also be availed.

Tattvaa Yoga Shala Address: Swargashram 249 304, Rishikesh, India

Contact Person
Yogi Kamal Singh
Founder of Tattvaa Yoga Shala Rishikesh
+91 999 727 7322
+91 905 898 1817

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