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Transport in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is idyllically situated on the foothills of the mountain range of Himalayas. Since this town is still untouched by pollution with the River Ganges starting from the mountains and touching land in streams of fresh water right here in Rishikesh, the travel and tourism departments of Rishikesh has banned any private vehicle or transportation in the limits of the city.

Bus Services in Rishikesh

While there are a few rental car dealers where you can hire cars of all models and makes, the best way to explore the city is by feet since everything is in close proximity to each other. For destinations a little on the outskirts, cars and auto rickshaws are a great way to explore the city’s delights for instance, a few minutes away from the Laxman Jhoola, the auto stand provides convenience in conveyance for the travelers. Motorcycles and bikes can be found in abundance almost making one wish that they be banned from the city limits as well.

Ways to Reach Rishikesh

By car: - Rishikesh can be reached by car from the Delhi airport in six to seven hours thanks to the well made national highway connecting Delhi to Rishikesh. For foreign tourists travelling from international destinations to Rishikesh, this is the best way to explore India in its true glory. Leaving early from the Delhi airport by around 4 or 5 am reduces the travel time considerably as you can avoid heavy traffic in Roorkee during peak hours.

By Air

The nearest airport to Rishikesh is the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. The recently renovated airport as of now has flights connecting Dehradun and Rishikesh only to Delhi, but it plans to open its runway to other metropolitans as well.

Flights from Delhi to Dehradun

9:00 am- Air India
10:05 am- SpiceJet
11:10 am- Jet Airways
11:30- Air India
1:30 pm- Jet Airways
1:55 pm- Air India
3:05 pm- Spice Jet

Flights from Lucknow to Dehradun
2:10 pm- Air India

By Train

The railway station of Rishikesh is a quiet quaint station with only three slow trains connecting Rishikesh to Haridwar. For people wanting to come to Rishikesh by train it would be a better option to travel to Haridwar by train which is better connected to all the major cities of India by railway lines and then continue to Rishikesh by bus, taxi or hired car. Since Haridwar is only a few kilometers away from Rishikesh it doesn’t take much time to reach Rishikesh from Haridwar as the national highway connects Rishikesh to the rest of India.

Trains from Rishikesh

Rishikesh - Delhi at 07:00
Rishikesh – Haridwar at 08:10
Rishikesh - Bandikui at 14:10
Rishikesh - Haridwar at 14:20 for Rs 4/-
Rishikesh - Haridwar at 18:35 for Rs 4/-


Rishikesh - Jammutawi at 16:20

Passenger Trains from Haridwar to Rishikesh

Haridwar – Rishikesh at 05:20
Haridwar - Rishikesh at 10:30
Haridwar - Rishikesh at 17:25

By Bus

Delhi is connected to Rishikesh by the national highway and the journey takes about 5 to 6 hours depending upon the traffic. Since Delhi is only 230 kms away from Rishikesh, buses are a good option to travel to Rishikesh too.

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