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  • Holi Celebration In Rishikesh

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    Holi is a festival of colour. Every year, it draws people from around the world towards Some Unbelievable Memories and Moments. Every year, you celebrate Holi with your relatives near your house, or in a community park or go somewhere to a restaurant or a movie or dinner. Help us to make it Unbelievable for you this time. Why not go to an entirely different place and celebrate Holi with a lot more fun than your previous celebrations? Unbelievable Expeditions is known for organizing Getaways worth remembering. Anytime of the year at any destination , we know how to make the real "U" come out and make it an Unbelievable memory to cherish throughout Ur Life. Full of food and music, we guarantee that this would be more than just an event for your LifeTime. This Time Unbelievable Expeditions is back with Holi Razmataaz. Inviting you all on a colorful two days event in @ Our very beautiful location -GhattuGhat, Rishikesh. Food and music, atmosphere filled with joy and people dancing to the beats of Music , jungle camping, etc.Get a fun-filled experience and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Now that we’re talking about Rishikesh, just music and food filled Holi will not be enough. Read our name? You simply cannot have a trip without Having a Bucket full of Unbelievable Moments. Have a look what people think about us:: Unbelievable Expeditions will ensure a breath taking and memorable experience for you with things like rafting, cliff jumping, jungle trekking, evening snacks with music, you’ll definitely be jumping around and singing and enjoying and the Real "U" will come out :) . Just come and enjoy this year’s Holi like you’ve never enjoyed ever before and have an extended Family : Ubex.In Family

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